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The again Story

Short Story Long

In early 2016, while searching for delicious and nutritious beverages for his son, an international junior tennis player, Sundeep observed something disturbing and intriguing:

All beverage brands in the market - whether flavoured milk, fruit juices, energy drinks, cold pressed juices, aerated beverages et al. claimed to be healthy and tasty! Even when they had boatloads of refined sugar, preservatives, synthetic or artificial flavours and colours in them.

Fruit juices, mostly made from concentrates were high on sugar while low on real fruit content! Cold presses juices had almost no fibre, were high on hype and higher on sugar kick! Flavoured milk choices were just that - fruit flavoured milk without any real fruit but with lots of refined sugar. And then there were aerated drinks - a source of empty calories with water, sugar and artificial ingredients.

Although Sundeep's search for delicious and nutritious drinks remained futile, he shared his findings with Vaithee at a chance meeting. Both of them agreed that this sounded like the perfect opportunity to create a large consumer business with a potential for significant social impact and started investigation deeper.

Sundeep and Vaithee realised that consumers worldwide are demanding beverages that do more than just hydrate or quench thirst and started working passionately on creating a new category of beverage choices meeting a few core tenets:

  • First and foremost, each and every product offered to consumers should be really delicious. There's no point making a beverage that is seriously healthy, wholesome and nutritious if it is not tasty.
  • Every drink would have to be truly wholesome. We would use real ingredients from the major food groups, as defined by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture, namely dairy, fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains.
  • While including all the good things, all the bad things would be avoided. So, none of the products would have any refined sugar, added preservatives or any artificial ingredients
  • All food choices would be truly convenient, ready - to - consume, on-the-go.
  • Finally, all the products would be priced fairly and attractively rather than carry a premium tag - the products would be premium but not their price!

Almost two years of frustrations, challenges, tests, failures, breakthroughs, ecstasies and innumerable I-told-you-it-cannot-be-dones later, (several old school beverage manufacturers told us that it is not possible to create a drink that is tasty to the Indian palate without adding minimum 10-12% sugar in it!), introducing a range of beverages that meet all the above tenets. A range that is truly WTF - Wholesome, Tasty, Filling!


But you don’t have to believe us. Taste it for yourself and you will come back for more. After all, there’s a reason why the brand is called Again.

Go ahead, simply #drinkagain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

You will be surprised to know this.

At Again, despite being a Food & Beverages startup, we are actually trying to solve a mathematical equation.

Globally the thumb rule for food items is that what’s tasty is not healthy and what’s healthy is not tasty. In other words, mathematically Health and Taste seem to be inversely proportional.

Health = 1/Taste

At Again our goal, vision and mission is to try and rewrite this as

Health = Taste

It’s not easy. Large global corporations have been at it for years but that’s what makes it so exciting.

We just made a big start with Again drinks.

A range of beverages with dairy (low fat milk / yogurt), fruits, vegetables, nuts, dry fruits, do not have added white sugar, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavours and yet have a shelf life of 90 days without requiring refrigeration. An amazing product and process breakthrough.

Here’s the best thing. They are also delicious.

At Again, we are committed to developing similar food and beverages in future which are tasty, healthy, nutritious, wholesome, filling, convenient and ready-to-consume and available to consumers at a fair price. Only our products will be premium, not our prices.

Headquartered in Bangalore, our vision is to create tasty and wholesome food and beverages items that will delight consumers globally. We are sharply focused on not just creating a strong FMCG brand but also build a sustainable business model.


K Vaitheeswaran
Sundeep Thakran


R Gopalakrishnan