It’s been a while since the pandemic outbreak and we continue to wake up to stranger times and a world we never prepared for. The stress of a new normal, social isolation and fear of uncertainties is undeniable.  

In times like today, taking responsibility for one’s surrounding becomes utmost important. Going back to basics and focusing on simpler ways to enhance everyday life can be the key to not just surviving but making the most of this pandemic.  

Here are five easy and effective ways to take charge of your health while at home. 

1. Stay Active 

Although the regular options such as gyms and public spaces might be inaccessible, staying active at home is still possible and non-negotiable. Not only do they help keep the body in shape, exercising daily has profound impact on our mental health and help release the accumulated stress. From high intensity workouts with jump ropes and functional floor exercises to relaxing yoga, there are options and online tutorials to classes for every body type and health goal.  

2. Mental – Wellbeing 

Social isolation and global uncertainties are no joke. We must acknowledge the possible stress of these times and proactively indulge in hobbies and habits that positively impact our daily lives. Charge your curiosity and learn a new skill, pick up old hobbies. Dedicate time to yourself with meditation and regain the mind-body-spirit balance. 

3. Meals and everything in between! 

Make nutrition your strongest shield. Be mindful of your food choices and make your food and beverages fight for you not against you. There has been an exponential increase in snacking during lockdown. Today, snacking healthy is as important as carefully planning your meals. Choose healthier snacks and beverages that not only silence our lite hunger pangs but add much needed nutrition rather than empty calories and junk.  

4. Practice Digital Distancing! 

With increased, everywhere accessibility, digital mediums have taken over our lives. While technology has eased our lives in unimaginable ways, we must not forget the importance of social connections beyond social media. Take the phone and dial the number of your friends and family rather than posting a mere like and emoji on their post. Sharing a laughter over a call at times can make all the difference one needs in times like these. 

5. Establish Routines 

Not spending hours commuting through traffic and rushing through the day is no doubt a welcome change. But staying at home can also lead to blurred boundaries and endless day of everything all at once! Establish time bound routines that not only help you keep a tab on your daily activities but make us more efficient in meeting our timelines.