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  • Again beverages are a unique fusion of dairy and real fruits, vegetables, nuts and natural sweeteners like honey & jaggery. They do not contain any added preservatives, artificial flavours, artificial colours or artificial sweeteners.

  • Our goal is to provide tasty, wholesome and nutritious beverages to our customers. We make our drinks more wholesome by using fruit, nuts and vegetables in puree, pulp or paste form. Never in the form of juice or concentrate - so that you enjoy a wholesome beverage and not just a sugar kick from juice!

  • We use double-toned low-fat milk or yoghurt made from double-toned milk, with less than 1.5% fat, in all our beverages.

  • Again beverages are not just flavourings. We do not just sprinkle goodness a little bit here and a little bit there! We add more nutrition and wholesomeness in our flavours than other beverages in the market.

    A case in point – Our Alphonso Mango, Honey Drinking yoghurt has over 25% of Mango puree! Our Almonds, Cashews and Dates milk drink has 7.5% of nuts, probably 4-5x more than other similar beverages. The Carrot, Orange, Banana Drinking Yoghurt contains over 20% of fruit and vegetable puree. Not to mention the added goodness of honey and jaggery.

  • All Again beverages have no added preservatives, no artificial flavours, artificial colours or artificial sweeteners.

  • The sweetness in our beverages comes from the ingredients – from the dairy, from the fruits, vegetables or nuts or from natural sweeteners like honey or jaggery. Certainly not from any artificial sweeteners nor from refined sugars.

  • Again Low-fat Milk drink with Almonds, Cashews and Dates is deliciously tasty, wholesome and rich in nutrition. Wholesome ingredients – low fat milk, almonds, cashews, dates, cardamom powder and honey make up 99% of this beverage in a bottle.

  • Again Low-fat Milk drink with Strawberry, Chocolate, Jaggery is a delicious and nutritious chocolate milk beverage with added goodness of real strawberries and jaggery. Probably, a world first! Wholesome ingredients – low fat milk, strawberries, jaggery and cocoa mass (unsweetened chocolate) make 99% of this beverage in a bottle!

  • Again Low-fat Drinking yoghurt with Alphonso Mango, Honey is made from all-natural, nutritious, wholesome ingredients – low fat yoghurt, Alphonso Mango, Totapuri Mango, Honey. Unlike other beverages which contain juice or concentrate, this Again variant contains more wholesome, real fruit with over 18% Alphonso Mango puree. What’s more, over 33% of the beverage is Alphonso Mango puree, Totatpuri Mango puree and Honey!

  • Again Low-fat Drinking yoghurt with Carrot, Orange, Banana is a unique fusion of dairy, fruits and vegetables. It contains more wholesome, real fruit and vegetables than other dairy beverages with over 27% of real carrot paste (14%), orange pulp, banana puree and honey.

  • Our beverages do not contain any refined sugar or artificial sweeteners. In fact, we do not even add any ingredients in our products which have refined sugars or artificial sweeteners in them. The fruit purees and even the chocolate used in our flavours do not contain refined sugars or artificial sweeteners.

  • Our milk drinks (Low-fat Milk Drink with Almonds, Cashews, Dates and Low-fat Milk Drink with Strawberry, Chocolate, Jaggery) do not have any water added to them. Our Low-fat drinking yoghurts have RO water added to them to make them drinkable as without water, the combination of yoghurt and the significant amount of fruit/veg puree would make them extremely thick and not convenient to sip comfortably.

  • Our beverages are available online at and also at select leading retailers offline. They will shortly be available at more retailers and cities.

  • All our variants come in 200ml pack size priced at ₹ 50 each.

  • We have achieved a shelf life of 90 days by using a sterilisation process for our beverages – called as retort filling. It creates a sterile barrier for the product and prevents any food contamination into the product from manufacturing to consumption.

  • Due to the retort filling process, a widely utilised thermal processing technique used for dairy beverages, we are able to offer commercially safe, sterilised, shelf stable RTD beverages without refrigeration up to best before date of the product.

    Our shelf stable products are a delicious way to stock up without blocking extra space in your refrigerator!

    Our shelf stable beverages are completely safe to drink without refrigeration - we recommend that you consume or serve them chilled for best taste.

  • We recommend that you consume the beverages immediately on opening or refrigerate them on opening and consume within 24 hours.

  • All Again beverages are 100% vegetarian as indicated by the green colour dot on the bottle.

  • We would recommend that for optimal taste and nutrition, you safely consume our beverages before the best before date on the bottle.

  • We were told that we Indians need at least 10% added sugar to like a product! We challenged this thinking on your behalf. We have 40% to 80% less added sugar than old school beverages. On top of it, the added sweetness is entirely from natural sweeteners like honey & jaggery with their own added goodness rather than using refined sugars or artificial sweeteners.

  • Our goal is to serve the most convenient beverage options that you can carry on the go – in your backpack on a trek, in a child’s lunch or snack box and even in your office bag. The reusable and recyclable Polypropylene (one of the safest plastics) bottles allow us to meet that goal without carrying any risk of breakage.

  • Again beverage bottles are made using polypropylene (also known as #5 plastic) – it is considered to be one of the safest plastics and is reusable and recyclable.

  • The acidity regulator used in our beverages are salts of potassium and phosphate which serve to stabilise the final product (stabiliser) and are used only to ensure the proper and consistent level of pH of the beverages even after adding significant amount of wholesome ingredients like fruits, nuts and vegetables, as we do, in our products.

  • It is a soluble fibre that is used in extremely small quantities only to stabilise our milk beverages (stabiliser) and prevent settlement of the wholesome ingredients at the bottom (emulsifier).

  • It is a soluble fibre from plants, citrus fruits and a natural polymer which gives thickness to beverages (thickener). It is similar to adding pectin in homemade jams to give them a thicker profile.

  • It is a natural, edible, plant-based ingredient and a soluble fibre that is used by us in extremely small quantities only to stabilise our milk beverages (stabiliser) and prevent settlement of the wholesome ingredients at the bottom (emulsifier).

  • Brown rice syrup is a sweetener derived from brown rice and is used for what it is (a natural sweetener) and is made by breaking the starch into natural sugars.

  • All Again beverages are gluten free which means that there is no wheat or gluten in our beverages.

  • The manufacturing date is mentioned on the neck of each bottle and the best before date is 90 days from the indicated manufacturing date.

  • These are essences and botanicals which are naturally extracted and then added to products to further enhance their flavour. Again beverages either do not have any added flavours in them or use only natural flavours. We do not use any artificial, synthetic or nature identical flavours in any of our beverages.

  • Separation is just the water in the yoghurt or puree separating from the solids. It is not spoilt and we recommend that you shake the bottle to get a uniform texture in the yoghurt drink before consumption.

  • These are made from sources that occur in nature – say from beetroot, paprika, carrots or other plant or vegetable sources, through a simple extraction process rather than through chemical synthesis as done for nature identical colours. Again drinks, either do not have any added colours in them or use only naturally derived colours and never use nature identical, artificial or synthetic colours.